Tips for Repelling Mosquitoes when Camping

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Nature & Travel

Camping is a fun activity that offers numerous benefits. For example, you might get tired of having people around you all the time and want some time alone. You might also want to spend some time with members of your family to strengthen your connection.

Camping can help in both instances.

Unfortunately, camping is not devoid of challenges. One such challenge is the mosquitoes you will encounter on your camping trip. And if you do not prepare ahead, they will most certainly derail your trip.

So, how do you repel these pesky little creatures? Below is a list of tips you should try.

Get the right tent

If you want to prevent mosquitoes from ruining your camping trip, the first step is to purchase a quality tent. We recommend the double wall tent as it has an inner mesh body that will protect you from pests. It also has a nylon rain fly that keeps water out. Alternatively, you can use a bug net or make a screen room to keep the bugs out.

Wear protective clothing

If you intend to repeal mosquitoes while camping, wear light-colored clothing. Dark-colored clothes attract mosquitoes; hence, why we recommend light-colored clothing. What’s more? We recommend you wear clothing that covers every part of your body so you are amply protected from mosquitoes. By the way, choose lightweight, loose-fitting clothes to ensure you do not feel much heat. If possible, find clothing that has insect repellent overlaid on the fabric for more protection.

Finally, consider adding a mosquito head net to your outfit for the ultimate protection.

Keep clean

Odors attract insects, including mosquitoes. As a result, you should do your best to eliminate odors when you are camping. Wash regularly and stay as clean as possible. However, stay away from fragrant soaps, perfumes, and deodorants and stick with unscented products. Also, wash and change into a fresh set of clothes after an active day that made you sweat. If possible, avoid any activity that will exert you.

Furthermore, stay away from alcohol. Drinking increases your metabolic rate and body temperature and this will make you a homing beacon for mosquitoes.

Light a campfire

The good old campfire is another way to repel mosquitoes when you are camping. Naturally, bugs dislike fire and smoke. So, when you light a campfire, you give them a good reason to stay away. Also, if you can get some smoke on your clothes, you can make them repellent. To do this, line dry your clothes downwind of the campfire.

Get a reliable bug spray

When you go camping, ensure you pack a bug spray. We recommend a spray that has about 50% DEET. Also, we recommend you choose a waterproof spray. This way, it will stay on even when you sweat or get water on your body.

By the way, you can do better at repelling mosquitoes by applying the spray on your clothing – including your clothes, hat, and shoes – and the tent.