The Most Popular Sneakers of 2022

by | Aug 11, 2022 | Fashion

2022 is not over yet, which means that our favorite fashion brands have not finished releasing the sneakers on their roster. Nevertheless, eight months have passed and, in that time, they have released several styles that catch our eyes and make our hearts jump for joy.

What’s more? This year has seen several collaborations between brands that, before now, felt like the stuff of dreams. A good example is the Nike X Louis Vuitton collaboration. If you intend to expand the sneakers on your shoe rack, maybe as a gift for a special event or simply to make yourself happy, here are the most popular sneakers of 2022.

Let’s start.

Nike X Drake Nocta Hot Step Air Terra

In late January, Nike and Drake released a retro Air Max sneaker that takes inspiration from the 1990s. Given the aesthetic appeal of these sneakers, which truly give the promised retro vibe, and Drake’s star power, it is not a surprise that the sneakers quickly sold out.

While this occurrence alone is enough to include the Hot Step Air Terra in this list, we also genuinely love its design and think the chrome detailing on the tongue and toebox is an act of genius.

Nike X Louis Vuitton Air Force 1

This sneaker, designed by Virgil Abloh and posthumously released, is a work of artistic genius that many designers can only aspire to. This sneaker design, anchored by Virgil, is the first collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Nike, two renowned fashion brands and it brings together the best of both worlds. It combines Vuitton’s signature Damier prints with Nike’s classic Air Force 1 sneakers – there is no better pair of sneakers to make a statement than this.

If you can afford it, you will love having it on your shoe rack.

Adidas X Gucci Gazelle

Sometime in mid-2022, Adidas and Gucci treated the world to the release of a collaborative sneaker: the Gazelle. Adidas is a household name in the footwear industry and Gucci is the same in the high-end luxury industry. Given their pedigree, it is not a surprise that their joint release was so aesthetically pleasing it caught the attention of all and sundry and became one of the most popular sneakers of the year.

Marni X Veja V-15 Scribble Print

Any list of the most popular sneakers in 2022 is not complete without the V-15 Scribble Print sneaker from Marni, an innovative fashion house based in Italy, and Veja, a sustainable sneaker brand.

The V-15 Scribble Print wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery – such is the degree of artistry that goes into its design and creation. It is also a popular sneaker that will win you the admiration and respect of your peers.

Yeezy 700V3 Mono Safflower

Yeezy – and by extension, its sneakers – is a world-renowned sneaker brand that needs no introduction. As a result, it would be an injustice to put together a list of 2022’s most popular sneakers without including the Yeezy 700V3 Mono Safflower. This particular release is a departure from the usually muted hues of the Yeezy 700V3 line of sneakers. It is aesthetically appealing and demands attention in a way that is not overbearing.