Patterned or Solid accessories – which category are you?

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Fashion

Would you rather go for patterned or solid accessories? Well, you’re about to find out. Accessories have always been a great way to add more glamor and class to your clothing. However, it’s not just about picking up any accessories and donning them on. There are two major categories, and the way you combine them could determine if you’re going about looking like a fashion superstar or a flop. So, let’s check out some of the best tips to get the most out of your accessory, and then you can decide which category fits you better.

1. Knowing the types of patterned accessories

So, how do you decide if patterned accessories tickle your fancy? A great way is to know the different types available. Let’s start with some common ones that stand out in the fashion industry. First are stripes which come in different styles, including the classic French mariniere T-shirt and pinstripes. You can already picture what stripes would look like on your different accessories. Another type of patterned accessory is the animal print. Just as the name says, they mimic animal scales, spots, and stripes. Of course, you don’t need anyone to tell you how popular leopard prints are on shirts, shoes, and especially bags. Other patterned accessories are polka dots, floral patterns, and plaid. Can you already picture yourself rocking any of these accessories? Then, you belong to this category.

2. Best way to wear patterned accessories

Mixing your patterned accessories with neutral wear can help you stand out without being too flashy with your clothing choice. It could be a patterned scarf on your neutral coat or jacket. You could also pair leopard print shoes with your neutral formal wear. In this case, black trousers and a jacket with a patterned inner shirt and shoes would work out nicely.

3. Less is more

 With accessories, it’s always best to have just the right amount of quantity without doing too much. Even with homes, some homeowners have made the colossal mistake of donning their huge living room with a postage-stamp-sized rug. It’s not rare to see abnormally large pieces of art squeezed into smaller spaces. So, these occupants are not maximizing space in their homes as much as they should. This applies to fashion as well. 

Before choosing your accessories, take some time to assess your outfit to study the amount of patterned or solid accessories that would blend perfectly with your clothing choices. Most of the time, your dressing is incomplete without pairing it up with the right accessories. Still, who says you must always have to choose one over the other? 

Whether it’s a bag, shoes, or jewelry, you can rock both patterned and solid accessories. There’s nothing wrong with mixing things up, even though you could lean towards one type than the other. With this, you should be able to decide which category of accessories you prefer and how you can brighten up your wardrobe with them.