10 Best Science Kits for Kids of All Ages

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Parenting

Do you have a little scientist at home? If so, you need to get them one of these ten best science kits for kids of all ages. These are perfect for their age and will keep them busy with hours of fun. Kids love hands-on learning, which is why these are the perfect gift! This blog provides a list of the top science kits for kids of all ages.

Top 10 Science Kits for Kids of All Ages

To make it easier for you to find the perfect science kit for your child, we have compiled a list of the top ten science kits for kids according to age.

Science Kits for Toddlers & Early Learners

1. Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab

This science kit is perfect for your toddler or early learner! This lab includes over 35 beaker creatures. With this set, your child will be able to conduct experiments that produce a change in color and fizzing reactions.

2. GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

This microscope is another great kit for your toddler or early learner. It has two eyepieces and a built-in light for viewing specimens up close. With this microscope, your child can examine bugs, leaves, and other objects in detail.

3. Little Tikes Wonder Lab Experiment Kit

The kit comes with 20 different experiments that teach basic scientific principles. Your child will learn about science, engineering, math, and technology with this set.

Science Kits For 6-9 Years Old

4. The Thames & Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set

This chemistry set is perfect for kids six to nine years old. It comes with a lab book that has over 30 experiments. With this set, your child will learn about the basics of chemistry. With each experiment, they will learn a new principle and chemicals.

5. Mega Fossil Dig Kit 

This fossil dig kit is excellent for kids six to nine years old. They will excavate their fossils with this set, making them feel like real paleontologists. The kit includes a digging tool, sand sifter, brush, magnifying glass, and more.

6. Snap Circuits LIGHT Electronics Exploration Kit

With this set, your kid will learn about electricity and how it works. The kit includes over 60 components that allow your child to build more than 20 different projects.

7. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

 This kit will enable your kid to watch caterpillars turn into butterflies. The kit includes a Butterfly Habitat with food and water dishes, a pop-up net, and more.

Science Kits For 10-12 Years Old

8. AmScope Beginner Microscope kit

At this stage, the microscope kit is more advanced. With the AmScope, they will view specimens at up to 400x magnification. The kit includes a variety of lenses, slides, and more.

9. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Gemstone Dig Kit 

This gemstone dig kit is perfect for kids who love geologists. They will excavate their minerals and gems from a rock matrix with this set. The set comes with 15 gemstones ranging from common to rare that your child digs and keeps!

10. 4M Magnet Science Kit 

With the 4M magnet Science Kit, your kids will learn about how magnetism works and the properties of magnets. The kit includes 30 different experiments that allow your child to explore magnetic forces in a fun way!


Science is a great way to encourage hands-on learning and creativity. With these kits, your child will be able to have hours of fun while they learn about the world around them.